What is Nephropharmacology?
Nephropharmacology is the intersection between Clinical Pharmacology and Nephrology [Atkinson 2009] and considers the following topics:
• Mechanisms of drug elimination by the kidneys
• Drug therapy and kidney transplantation
• Drug therapy of co-morbidity in kidney patients
• Renal toxicity of drugs

Atkinson AJ Jr, Huang SM. Nephropharmacology: drugs and the kidney. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2009;86:453-6.
Who is the NephroPharmacology Group?
The NephroPharmacology Group consists of independent researchers with various and diversified scientific interest. Our expertise includes internal medicine, nephrology, clinical pharmacology, and transplant medicine. Historically we started regular meetings in 1990 with a main lecture given by Luzius Dettli. A loose group was formed thereafter and the founding members were, Erich Keller, Frieder Keller, Teut Risler, and later David Czock.
What is the NephroPharmacology Meeting?
The NephroPharmacology Meeting is organized once per year by members of the NephroPharmacology Group. The meeting has the character of a workshop where own research projects can be presented and discussed with experts in the field. We started in 1990 with specific aspects of pharmacokinetics and drug dosage adjustment in patients with impaired kidney function. In subsequent workshops the nephropharmacological topics expanded to cover anti-infectives in the intensive care unit and during renal replacement therapy, immunosuppression and kidney transplantation, therapeutic drug monitoring, and pharmacovigilance. In addition, nephrotoxicity and adverse drug reactions were addressed along with drug therapy of primary kidney diseases and of the co-morbidities in kidney patients.
The NephroPharmacology Meeting is traditionally organized in such a way that attendees will have an opportunity to give a talk. However, participants joining the meeting for listening and/ or engaging into discussions without presenting own results are most welcome. In addition, it is our traditional rule to publish selected papers that were presented at the NephroPharmacology Meeting in a scientific journal.